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Management and monitoring

Cost Management and Monitoring

Optimize AI expenditure with AI Gateway’s cost management and monitoring


Organizations can save up to 30% on AI expenses with effective cost management (Gartner).

How does AI Gateway help control AI-related costs?
AI Gateway enables businesses to allocate resources, set limits, and monitor usage of AI services.
Can AI Gateway track usage across multiple AI providers?
Yes, AI Gateway consolidates usage data from various AI providers, simplifying cost monitoring.
Does AI Gateway support budgeting for AI services?
Absolutely, AI Gateway allows you to set budgets and limits to prevent overspending on AI tools.


Our solution

You need a tool to monitor and manage the costs of using AI services.
AI Gateway offers comprehensive cost management and monitoring features, enabling your business to keep track of expenses across multiple AI providers. This allows you to optimize resource allocation, set spending limits, and monitor usage to ensure cost-efficiency.
You need to consolidate usage data from various AI services for better budget management.
AI Gateway consolidates usage data from a wide range of AI providers, streamlining cost monitoring and budget management. This simplifies the process of tracking expenses and helps your business maintain a clear view of your AI investments.
You must prevent overspending on AI tools while ensuring optimal usage.
AI Gateway empowers your business to set budgets and limits for AI services, preventing overspending while ensuring optimal usage of AI tools. This enables you to make the most of your AI investments without exceeding budget constraints.


Maximize AI investment efficiency and control expenses with AI Gateway’s cost management and monitoring solution.