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Simple steps to providing secure and compliant access to leading AI services.

07 Steps

Step 1: Initial Configuration

Connect to AI Services: Integrate AI Gateway with your required services, such as chatGPT, BERT, or any other internal/external LLMs or AI services.
Set up Compliance Rules: Define data security and compliance rules to ensure sensitive information is protected and only authorized data travels to AI services.
Custom Data Control: Add custom data control rules to identify and manage organization-specific terms, acronyms, proprietary data, and enable or disable code sharing.

Step 2: Configure User Management & Access Control

Add Users: Easily enable employees to sign-in by adding them to the platform with a few clicks (or enabling single sign-on).
Customize Permissions: Set up customizable access control and assign permissions based on roles, departments, or individual users.
Single Sign-On: Integrate with your organization’s existing authentication system for seamless and secure access.
Warn or Block: Configure whether to warning or block users attempting to send potentially sensitive data to external AI providers.

Step 3: Setup Cost Management & Monitoring

Configure Budgets: Set spending limits and alerts for AI service usage to ensure cost efficiency.
Monitor Usage: Track real-time usage data to identify trends and opportunities for optimization.
Usage Alerts: Set up custom alerts to notify administrators when budget thresholds are approaching.

Step 4: Prepare Analytics & Insights

Detailed Usage Analytics: Gain insights into how employees are using AI services and identify areas for improvement or training.
Performance Metrics: Monitor the performance of AI services and make data-driven decisions to maximize ROI.

Step 5: Enable the AI Resource Center

Store & Share Prompts: Utilize the AI-powered internal resource center to save, share, and collaborate on AI-generated content and prompts, provided data storage is enabled within the software.
Promote Best Practices: Encourage the use of industry standards and company-wide best practices to ensure employees get the most out of AI services.

Step 6: Employee Training & Onboarding

Employee Training: Ensure employees have access to the included training resources to effectively use AI Gateway and enhance their skills.
Onboarding Support: Provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition and adoption of AI Gateway across your organization.

Step 7: Ongoing Support & Optimization

Managed Services & Priority Support: Access expert help, ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and optimization of AI Gateway, along with expedited response times for any assistance or advice.
Continuous Improvement: Regularly assess and optimize AI Gateway’s performance, security, and compliance settings to keep up with the evolving needs of your organization.