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Analytics and reporting

Detailed usage analytics

Drive AI efficiency with AI Gateway’s detailed usage analytics


Data-driven decision-making can increase productivity by up to 33% (MIT).

How does AI Gateway provide usage analytics?
AI Gateway generates detailed usage reports for each connected AI service, offering valuable insights.
Can I track individual employee usage of AI services?
Yes, AI Gateway's analytics enable monitoring employee-level usage for better resource allocation.
Are the analytics customizable for different AI services?
Absolutely, AI Gateway's usage analytics can be tailored to various AI providers for optimal insights.


Our solution

You're looking for a centralized platform for tracking usage of multiple AI services.
AI Gateway provides detailed usage analytics across a wide range of AI services, giving your business valuable insights into how your AI tools are being utilized. This helps you identify trends, optimize resources, and improve overall AI efficiency.
You need employee-level tracking to monitor usage and compliance.
AI Gateway enables you to monitor individual employee usage of AI services, allowing you to allocate resources better and manage access. This granular tracking ensures optimal AI tool utilization across your organization, enhancing overall productivity.
You should have customizable analytics for different AI providers to maximize insights.
AI Gateway's usage analytics can be tailored to suit various AI providers, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and actionable insights for each service. This adaptability helps your business make data-driven decisions and continuously improve AI strategies.


Leverage actionable insights and optimize AI tool utilization with AI Gateway’s detailed usage analytics.